Sunday, January 16, 2011

Staying Healthy and Young

Staying young and healthy is one's dream. Most of us know that balance of everything will make us healthy. As they say "too much of everything will kill you". In my own personal views it is diffidently correct. Although it is hard to make everything equal, it is still worth a try. I know that stress is hard to avoid, but on how you deal with your stress it will help you to face it and be done with it. Then your life will be more stress free and the more you know how to handle everything, the more you become confident with your self. There's a saying "challenges makes us more stronger and wiser".

Become more sociable. In where I come from everywhere I go, I always see a friend in the corner. I can't count anymore how many circles of friends I have. Aside from I have tons of friends, I make sure that I keep on adding. Friends are the best thing that came to when I needed someone to talk to. They're the one who's always willing to listen without judging or telling me what to do. They accepted me on who and what I am. They're my own personal outlet that makes me happier and stronger everyday.

Keeping lifestyle healthy is keeping yourself away from vices. Although it's hard but still worth it. Not too much alcohol, no smoking, no tabacco, and no substance-dependence. Drinking sociably is acceptable but drinking everyday and night is unacceptable.
It will lessen your ability to think, your ability to deal with people, it will destroy your health and you will affect your love ones life. Better stay away from it.

Drink tea or coffee. Some say it will lower your risk of having heart diseases or stroke. Drinks lots and lots of water. It's a good way to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.
Take 8 hours of sleep everyday. Some people have hectic schedules that they don't have this time of privilege to take a sleep. Well, ordinary people like us who have this time, we should use it and treasure it. Eat healthy balance-diet everyday. Exercise regularly will keep you fit and sexy.

The last two things is what I love most. Travel and Laugh. Traveling or relaxing will help us unwind and will help us reorganized thing. Laughing is the BEST medicine of them all!!!


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