Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Starchy vegetables

Since I'm pregnant I'm craving for my Filipino food especially vegetable stew. The last time we went to grocery I bought everything I need for my vegetable stew. I cooked it and loved it. It feels like heaven to eat vegetable again that I've grown with. Later on, I feel pain and bloated so much. I though I'm going to ER again, not knowing what I've done. I farted all night..hehehehe Then, in the morning I was reading a pregnancy book and went to the nutrition section and bumped into starchy vegetable I had last night. It says there in the book that I should not eat starchy vegetables for it will make me bloated more. From that moment I'm aware of what I'm eating and when I'm eating. To keep me and my baby healthy and make me more comfortable during this pregnancy.

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